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S & P Asbestos have been in business for 10 years from now, we believe in providing services to our clients on priority to ensure their safety. We have been able to cater commercial and residential clients which gives us a wide opportunity to grow as an organization more and more as we go along. To contact us and to avail our service you may call us at 267 265 0134 or email on Paulryancontractor@gmail.com

For any inquiries call now 267 265 0134

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Keeping Our Clients & Their Homes Safe

Step 1: Do not in any way disturb the area you are testing.

Do not attempt to clean any item or area you intend to collect a sample from, in case asbestos also exists in the surface dust. Ensure still air in your work area so that any microscopic fibers do not become airborne. Shut all the windows and doors and turn off all fans, heaters, and air conditioning systems that circulate air.